“Most expressive adjectives of Praise are unworthy of expession for this magnificent and most impressive representation.”
– Veeherny Leningrad (USSR)


“Difficult to describe in words…

Those who have not seen it can not imagine what they have missed”
– Le Progress Egyptienne(French Daily)

“Had we not seen ourselves, we would have never believed it and would have thought it a legend”
– Al Musawar, Cairo

“The show, as if we turn pages of a thousand coloured book of wonderful
mystic tales”
-Noklapja (Budapest)

“Witnessed such a fine performance for the first time”
– AlKahira, Baghdad

“The performance of the Indian group is the diamond of success in the crown of the Festival”
– Mliiyat, Istanbul

“Very interesting”.
-Tehran journal

“Most impressive. lovely, aittractive, eye catching”.
-Beirut Weekly

“Slick show brightend the end of Iranian Summer”
-Kayhan International

”One of the beautiful performances ever produced in Cairo a show of Udayshanker’s prestige”
– IMAGES ( French Weekly)

”The most remarkable one since Mrinalini Sarabhai passed through Cairo. It is greatly to be hoped that the show would be restaged for larger public. May we emphasize that such a charm should not be reserved to a limited audience. It would not at all be excessive to add to our official season a choice spectacle like this”

”Indian art lived in Cairo this week. A very successful demonstration. All felt spellbound. You get submerged to see their dance and hear their music. We alL Egyptians have to admit the greatness of Indian Art”
– AKHERE SAAT (Arabic Daily)

”Everybody was wonderstruck by their pleasing and charming movements. Cairo was fortunate enough to enjoy their typical art of Indian dancing”
– AL MISRI, Cairo

“Every item was applauded thunderously”
– INDIAN NEWS ( English Weekly run by Indian Embassy at Cairo)