The Indian Revival Group has many records to its credit, the most astounding being its travelling record. The group has travelled more than 750,000 kms over 60 years making an average journey of 12000 km per year or approximately 4 times the entire length of India.

Inspired by Yog Sunder’s infectious enthusiasm and adventurous spirit, the group has travelled across the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Middle East & Africa and performed in countries as diverse as Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia, France, Hungary, Morocco etc .

While on tours, the group liked to move from one place to another. After concluding an event at one place if enough surpluses were obtained, the group would move to another destination. There have been instances when the group has left for one month tour and has spent over a year roaming across cities & countries.

The group has performed in places where no one else dared, taking the challenges in its stride covering extremely difficult terrain ranging from Himalayas to the interiors of India and at times even hostile conditions such as India-Pakistan border & Saudi Arabia.

Some notable performances include:

  • IRG was the first to visit Ladakh in the year 1957 and perform at an altitude of 12500 feet;
  • The group performed in Thana on the India Pakistan Border in Mandi, amidst artillery fire;
  • The group visited Afghanistan twice & performed 60 shows in Kabul, Kandahar & Heart.


Haridwar Tour – performed Mahabharata in silhouette at the Purna Kumbha mela in 1950
Tours Abroad

Egypt Tour -Performed on cruise ship ‘SS Independence’ for 500 Americans in 1954.
The Group received rave reviews in the foreign Press with front-page news and photographs.

India Tour 1955-56 – Bihar, UP, Punjab, Gujarat

India Tour1956-57-Kashmir Tour –for Govt. of J & K, Assam Tour, Arunachal Tour, Simla Tour, Ladakh
Tour(13 months)

Russia Tour- 1957

Middle East Tour 1960– performed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Kuwait

Govt. of India Europe Tour 1964 – performed in Turkey, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Morocco and Cairo & Afghanistan. Represented India at the International Dance Festival in Iraq & Turkey.

Himachal, Kashmir, Nepal Tour – 1967 (3 months)

North bengal & Sikkim Tour – 1968

Ladakh Tour -1968

ICCR Bhutan Tour – 1971

Song & Drama Tours – 1975

ICCR Tour 1980 – performed in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Tanzania, Kenya

Himachal Tour – 1982, 1983 & 1984

UK – Cultural Festival of India1985,

U.K. & Scotland – Tagore Festival, 1986

Sikkim Tour – 1987- cultural exchange program for Govt. of Delhi

Army Tour – 1988

U.S.A – Cultural festival of India in 1991

Island of Reunion – 1992-performed at Semaine Del’Inde in 1992 for the Govt. of France

Uttaranchal Tour – 1994

Punjab Tour – 1995

Japan Tour – Performed in 8 cities in 1997.

Japan – Represented Delhi  as part of the Chief Minister’s delegation at the Convention of Asian Network of Metropolitan Cities in 2001.

Muscat Festival -2006 for Govt. of Oman.

Muscat Festival – 2006 for Govt. of Oman.