Highlights feminine divinity, the unparalleled power that Durga symbolises & relates to the issue of women’s empowerment relevant today.This production has been aired on the National network of Doordarshan several times.

The choreography employs a fusion of powerful movements drawn from various classical and martial traditions of the country such as Chhau & Odissi of Orissa, Kathakali & Kalari payattu of Kerala, folk forms of Bengal etc. The music uses a wide variety of traditional drums such as Chhau dhol, Nagada, Dhumsa, Madal, Bangla Dhol, Madalam, Chenda etc which have been innovatively used to enrich the rhythmic patterns.The highly popular singer and composer Shubha Mudgal has scored the music and provided the lead voice.The presentation combines strong visuals, high aesthetics, powerful music and captivating choreography.It is a presentation with a difference.